08-Proteins - Enzymes are Catalysis Enzymes make reactions...

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1 Enzymes are Catalysis Enzymes make reactions occur faster than they would on their own. Enzyme activity is the rate of enhancement of a reaction by an enzyme. All enzymes are proteins - The converse is not true Enzyme names end with “-ase” Lipase, amylase, invertase, etc. Some exceptions are with common ‘trivial’ names like insulin, pepsin, chymotrypsin, etc., but they can have chemical names that do end in “-ase” • There are six classifications of enzymes according to the type of reaction that they catalyzed • In Food science there are two which are more common that the other four – Hydrolases – Oxidation/Reduction Major Classifications or Types of Enzymes Hydrolases • Formation of two products from a substrate by hydrolysis • A-B + HOH -----> AOH + BH • E.g. invertase, amlyase, lipase, protease
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2 Oxidoreductase • Catalyze the oxidation or reduction of substrates • A + O (oxygen) ---> AO (oxidized) • E.g. lipoxidase (oxidizes un-saturated fatty acids) • Polyphenol-oxidase (causes browning in fruits and vegetables) Isomerase is a third classification • Not as many enzymes which are as important as the first two in the field of food science. • But one very important application in the sweetener market (High Fructose Corn Syurp) HFCS Production • HFCS production consists of three steps involving three different enzymes: – Alpha-amylase (hydrolase) – Glucoamylase (hydrolase) – Glucose-isomerase (isomerase) Glucose (C6O6H12) --> Fructose (C6O6H12)
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08-Proteins - Enzymes are Catalysis Enzymes make reactions...

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