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NPB+112+11+sample+midterm+2+KEY - NPB 112 practice exam...

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NPB 112: practice exam questions, midterm 2 _d__ 1. Which of the following would NOT occur while walking on a tightrope: (a) descending systems override flexion withdrawal reflexes evoked when the rope digs painfully into the foot (b) the gamma motoneuron system resets muscle spindle sensitivity so that they continue to signal changes in the length of contracting muscles (c) the spinocerebellum actively compares corticospinal commands to leg motoneurons with feedback from muscle, joint and skin receptors in the legs (d) contracting muscles are relaxed by the inverse myotatic reflex, but as they start to stretch they abruptly contract again due to the stretch reflex _d__ 2. In the cerebellum Cells in the parvocellular subdivisions of the lateral geniculate nucleus are: (a) orientation selective (b) unselective for the wavelength of light (c) characterized by spatially overlapping ON an OFF sub-fields (d) characterized by color-opponent center-surround antagonism (e) responsive to input from both eyes _b_ 4. The receptive fields of simple cells in primary visual cortex: Primary visual cortex: (a) is NOT the first site of convergence of input from the two eyes (b) is organized into 4 principal layers (c) contains cells that are selective for the orientation of lines and edges (d) is non-retinotopically organized (e) all of the above are correct
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_?_ 6. Which of the following is NOT used to distinguish different visual areas in extrastriate cortex: (Note: I did not write this question. All answers seem correct)
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NPB+112+11+sample+midterm+2+KEY - NPB 112 practice exam...

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