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Lawrence 1 Self-Reflective Student Teacher Memo To: Rosalie Yezbick, Instructor From: Julie Lawrence Date: 21 November 2010 Subject: Essay 2 Writing Process I found the causal essay very fun to research and write. There was a wealth of information to choose from and it was pretty easy to locate. I was able to use the AMU on-line library to find a few articles that pertained to my topic. If I were to revise my paper I think I would like to include more information on the health implications in the future of childhood obesity. There is so much information out there. I found it difficult to remain in the mindset of a causal essay rather than am argument based type essay. I hope that I was able to write a non- biased essay on the causes of leads to childhood obesity.
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Lawrence 2 Julie Lawrence Professor Yezbick ENGL102 I012 Fall 10 21 November 2010 What are the Causes of Childhood Obesity? In the past three decades there have been many changes in the United States. How we live, work, and play has also changed. Childhood obesity is on the rise and so is the health problems associated with it. In the past three decades the childhood obesity rate has tripled (President 1). Childhood obesity is defined by a weight above the mean for the said child’s height and age (Anonymous 1). Why has childhood obesity become such an epidemic and what are the causes for such a rise in the waistlines of our youth. There exists a variety of medical, behavioral, and social reasons as to why people overeat and under exercise (Ruxton 3). According to the Mayo Clinic on-line website; diet, lack of exercise, family history, psychological factors, and socioeconomic factors are just a few of the possible causes that have led to childhood obesity in America. The true cause of obesity still remains that there is an imbalance between energy intake and energy output. A small minority of
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Causal Essay - Lawrence 1 Self-Reflective Student Teacher...

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