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The “Right Stuff” is having the drive, motivation, ability, and endurance to be the best and complete a task that not everyone is suited for. Tom Wolfe used experimental test pilots to demonstrate the “right stuff”, but “the right stuff” can be applied to many things. I believe I demonstrate the “right stuff” because I am a lead caregiver for ten children ages 12-24 months at the Air Force Child Development Center. This job is not for everyone, only those that have “the right stuff”. Not many people can stand to change their own child’s diapers let alone a child who is not yours. I wipe the noses and kiss the boo boos of children whom I did not birth. I spend
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Unformatted text preview: more hours with the children than their parents are able to, and I find that to be a privilege instead of a burden. Only those people who have “the right stuff” should attempt this job. Although this is not a career for me, I love what I do and I find the work very rewarding. Those who do not have the right stuff do not last long and are easily weeded out just like the pilots in the book. Only the best get to continue and move on. Everyone has the right stuff for something, which is what makes them different and unique....
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