LawList - Dukgeun Ahn February 1999 List of Reference on...

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Dukgeun Ahn February 1999 1 List of Reference on International Economic Law I. In General - Jagdish Bagwati & Robert E. Hudec, Fair Trade and Harmonization, Vol. II: Legal Analysis (MIT Press, 1996). - Raj Bhala, International Trade Law: Cases and Materials (Michie Law Publishers, 1996; 2 nd ed. forthcoming). - Raj Bhala and Kevin Kennedy, World Trade Law (Michie Law Publishers, 1998). - Jacques H.J. Bourgeois, et al., eds., The Uruguay Round Results: An European Lawyers ’ Perspective (European Interuniversity Press, 1995). - James Cameron & Karen Campbell, eds., Dispute Resolution in the World Trade Organization (Cameron May, 1998). - Kenneth W. Dam, The Gatt; Law and International Economic Organization (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1977). - William C. Graham, Susan Hainsworth, Armand L.C. de Mestral, & Mark A.A. Warner, The Canadian Law and Practice of International Trade: with Particular Emphasis on Export and Import of Goods and Services (Emond Montgomery Publications Limited, 1997). - Lawrence L. Herman, Canadian Trade Remedy Law and Practice (Emond Montgomery Publications, 1997). - Meinhard Hilf & Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann eds., National Constitutions and International Economic Law (Kluwer Law International, 1993). - Robert E. Hudec, Developing Countries in the GATT Legal System (Trade Policy Research Centre, 1988). - Robert E. Hudec, The GATT Legal System and World Trade Diplomacy (Butterworth Legal Publishers, 2 nd ed., 1990). - Robert E. Hudec, Enforcing International Trade Law: The Evolution of the Modern GATT Legal System (Butterworth Legal Publishers, 1993). - John H. Jackson, World Trade and the Law of GATT (Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1969). - John H. Jackson, Jean-Victor Louis, & Mitsuo Matsushita, eds., Implementing the Tokyo Round : National Constitutions and International Economic Rules (University of Michigan Press, 1984). - John H. Jackson, Restructuring the GATT System (Chatham House Papers, 1990). - John H. Jackson, William J. Davey, & Alan O. Sykes, Legal Problems of International Economic Relations : Cases, Materials and Text on the National and International Regulation of Transnational Economic (West Pulishing, 1995).
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LawList - Dukgeun Ahn February 1999 List of Reference on...

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