Burton Kim, Marketing Mix of BMW, term paper

Burton Kim, Marketing Mix of BMW, term paper - Burton Kim...

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Burton Kim, Michael Willis, Nicole Maffettone and Michael Risi MRKT 101 – Dr.Cohn Term Paper Topic: Market Mix of BMW This report aims to examine the market segmentation, positioning and targeting of BMW automobile company. The environment that BMW group operates in is the highly competitive automobile market. The strategy that BMW pursues is the premium brand strategy, meaning that they concentrate on selected premium segments in the automobile market. That makes them the only multibrand automobile manufacturer in the world which is not involved in the market that mass-produces automobiles. The purpose of their premium brand strategy is to achieve higher profits per sold vehicle. By doing so, they are able to receive credit for a high-value product substance and a strong brand profile. BMW Group's worldwide mission statement is: "To be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry." ( www.bmweducation.co.uk/companyhistory ) To examine BMW we must first look at the marketing mix. A company's marketing mix is made up of four main points these are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Through these points we can examine the specifics of a company to gain an insight into their segmentation, targeting and positioning. The products produced by BMW are prestigious, high performance, technologically advanced automobiles. These start from mid-range cars up to the most luxurious. The present models for 2011 are: BMW 1 Series - Coupe, Convertible
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BMW 6 Series - Coupe, Convertible BMW 5 Series - Sedan &AWD, Gran Turismo BMW 7 Series - Sedan &AWD, Active Hybrid BMW Z4 - Roadster BMW X3 - 4WD BMW X5 - 4WD BMW X6 - 4WD, Active Hybrid BMW M - M5, M3 Coupe, M3 Convertible, M Roadster, M Coupe Mini Cooper - an independent brand within the BMW Group ( www.tristatebmw.com/vehicles/2011 ) BMW price ranges are from $29,000 to $102,000. There are many options that affect their car prices such as engine size, equipment levels and motor sport versions. This means you can
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Burton Kim, Marketing Mix of BMW, term paper - Burton Kim...

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