Homework 04

Homework 04 - poly=polyfit(Xi,Yi,1 a=exp(poly(2 b=-poly(1...

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%Carol Prieto %ECS 104 %Homework 04 Temp=[10:10:200]; %Temperature (C) Pres=[1.227,2.337,4.241,7.375,12.34,19.92,31.16,47.36,70.11. .. 101.33,143.27,198.54,270.13,361.38,476,618.06,792.02. .. 1002.7,1255.1,1554.9]; %Pressure (kPa) Xi=1/(273+Temp); %Temperature (K) Yi=log(Pres);
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Unformatted text preview: poly=polyfit(Xi,Yi,1); a=exp(poly(2)); b=-poly(1); fit=poly(1).*Xi+poly(2); Rsquared(Xi,Yi,poly(1),poly(2)) plot(Temp,Pres,'o', Temp, fit,'_'); xlabel ('Temp(Kelvin)') ylabel ('Pressure (kPa)') grid on Title ('Temperature vs Pressure')...
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