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Life Sci 2C03 – Session 5 Session 5 – Electrophysiological Methods (cont…) Stereotaxy - Localized Stimulation and Recording Studies 1. More popular with animal experiments 2. Stereotaxy : targeting electrodes to specific areas of brain to record electrical activities or stimulate 3. It is invasive an in vivo 4. Identifies exact locations of seizures for example in the brain before surgery Microdialysis 1. Investigating regional biochemical changes in the brain with microelectrodes implanted stereotactically 2. Can also be used to infuse chemical locally into brain 3. An in vivo technique Slice Study 1. In vitro study 2. Slice of brain and store in an artificial medium 3. Hippocampal slices are easy to maintain 4. Can still identify locations of activity even though it is in vitro 5. Don’t always have to stimulate electrode Voltage Clamp Technique 1. Principle: 1. Voltage and current go hand-in-hand (changing voltage will change current and v/v) 2. Opening of most ion channels and thus, current is determined by voltage 3. “clamping” (keeping voltage steady) the voltage at different levels and studying the ion flow ( current ) is the basic principle 4. These clamped voltages are called “ command voltages ” – steady voltages 1. Purpose: 1. How chemicals affect electrical activity in a cell membrane and more
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Life Sci 2C03 – Session 5 2. Tells you what’s happening w currents in a # of channels at once 1. Study activity in a particular axon 2. Clamp voltages at different levels and look at the currents flowing through the ion channels to see how much channels have opened 3. squid axon were used to study affects of voltage clamps Photon Uncaging 1. uncaging techniques offer single dendritic-spine resolution of neural activity
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Session 5 - Life Sci 2C03 Session 5 Session 5...

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