Session 21 - Life Sci 2C03 L21 Session 21 Vision 1 Case of...

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Life Sci 2C03 – L21 Session 21 – Vision 1 Case of Charles Whitman 1. Extremely well-mannered young man suddenly turns violent, kills wife & mother, next day causes mass massacre 2. Brutally abusive father, violent neighbourhood 3. Early childhood indulgence in guns 4. History of bouts of severe headaches & urge to shoot 5. Why did he do that? Glioblastoma Mutiforme The Stimulus 1. Sensory Receptors 1. Specialized neurons that detect a particular category of physical events 2. A receptor converts one form of energy to another 1. Sensory Transduction 1. The process by which sensory stimuli are transduced into slow, graded receptor potentials (ex. EPSP, IPSP) 2. All graded potentials reach a certain threshold 1. Receptor Potential 1. A slow, graded electrical potential produced by a receptor cell in response to a physical stimulus 1. Generator potentials and Action Potentials 1. Pressure on the receptor level of pressure determines if there is an Action potential 2. Cutaneous receptor graded potentials generated 1. The Human Visual Spectrum 1. Short wavelength – gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays 2. Visible Light 3. Long wavelengths - AC circuits, television, radio broadcast bands 1. Perceptual Dimensions of Colour 1. Hue – the dominant wavelength 2. Brightness – intensity 3. Saturation – purity
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Life Sci 2C03 – L21 1. look at diagram in notes Anatomy of the Visual System 1. The Eyes 1. Eye movements 1. Vergence Movements – cooperative movement of the eyes, which ensure that the image of an object falls on identical portions of both retinas (converging and
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Session 21 - Life Sci 2C03 L21 Session 21 Vision 1 Case of...

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