Lecture 10 - Biology 2A03 Lecture 2 Homeostatic Control...

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Biology 2A03 1. Simplified View of Overall Plan of Human Body 1. Separation between internal and external environments 2. Layer of epithelial cells provides selective barrier between internal and external environment 1. Lines lungs and skin 2. Helps us exchange things with external environment and protects us 3. Helps us maintain a stable internal environment 1. internal environment made up of fluids and blood 2. circulatory system helps transport cells between ___ 1. important for filtering out fluid bathing our tissues and secrete things into kidney 1. The Internal Environment 1. Total Body Water = Intracellular H 2 O (28L) ICF 2/3 Interstitial H 2 O (11L) ] Plasma H 2 O (3L) ] ECF 1/3 42L or 60% body wt 1. ECF is rapidly transported by the circulation and mixes between blood and tissues by diffusion through capillary walls . 2. Bath tissues and makes up the internal milieu (internal environment) of the body
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Biology 2A03 3. NOTE: Proper cellular function depends on tight control of ECF components (keeps ECF in a relatively constant state 4. I +P constantly exchanging w/ each other through capillaries 5. I + P have very similar compositions but Plasma has more proteins b/c it exchanges everything but proteins across capillaries 6. Intracellular fluid has more proteins than ECF 7. ECF has more sodium NOTE: follow the blue colour Homeostasis – A Defining Feature of Physiology 1. Claude Bernard – noted that mammals are able to regulate their internal environment within a narrow range 1. Walter Cannon – Extended Bernard’s nation to the organization of cells, tissues and
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Lecture 10 - Biology 2A03 Lecture 2 Homeostatic Control...

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