Lec1 - MCB 102 Professor Richard Calendar 01/19/2011...

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MCB 102 Professor Richard Calendar 01/19/2011 Lecture 1 ASUC Lecture Notes Online is the only authorized note-taking service at UC Berkeley. Do not share, copy, or illegally distribute (electronically or otherwise) these notes. Our student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. D O N O T C O P Y Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course. ANNOUNCEMENTS Good morning. I’m Richard Calendar. My office is in 506 Barker Hall and my office hours are Th, F from 2-3pm . If you can’t make these times we can schedule another time. We have 6 GSIs this semester and the head GSI is Robyn Beckwith. Discussion sections will be held this week. If you have some problem with the scheduling of your discussion section, it is okay to change as long as you get permission from your GSI. The prerequisites for this class are Bio 1A and Chem 3B. The text we will be using is Nelson and Cox Principles of Biochemistry (5 th Edition). We will have two midterms examinations, one on Thursday Feb 17 t and the other on Tuesday March 29 th , both from 6-8pm. The final exam is not cumulative and it will be held on Tuesday May 10 th from 7-10 pm. The way we score in this class is based on three exams (100 points each), 6 discussion section quizzes (drop one with the lowest score), and participation in discussion (10% of your grade). If you miss an exam, then you must present a valid excuse in writing within one week. All make up exams will be oral. If you don’t like the way your exam has been graded, you can ask for a re-grade. There is a re-grade form on bSpace that you must print and fill out in writing and submit to your GSI within one week from the test date. The average grade for the class is a high B-. For the first 5 weeks, we will mostly talk about protein structure and function, followed by carbohydrates, and ending on lipids, membranes, and metabolism. LECTURE Most students like if I give a little background about myself before beginning the lecture. I was born in New Jersey in 1940. I received a B.S. in Chemistry from Duke in 1952. Today, we are going to talk about amino acids and
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Lec1 - MCB 102 Professor Richard Calendar 01/19/2011...

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