Lec21 - MCB 102 Professor Markus Pauly 03/09/11 Lecture 21...

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MCB 102 Professor Markus Pauly 03/09/11 Lecture 21 ASUC Lecture Notes Online is the only authorized note-taking service at UC Berkeley. Do not share, copy, or illegally distribute (electronically or otherwise) these notes. Our student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. D O N O T C O P Y Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course. ANNOUNCEMENTS There will be NO office hours this Friday. Thursday office hours will be from 2-3pm. I will make up for this by holding extra office hours during the week of the midterm. LECTURE The most dominant source of nitrogen (N) is atmospheric nitrogen (N 2 ). Nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert N 2 to ammonia, which can be converted to amino acids and other reduced nitrogen-carbon compounds. These compounds are then taken up and used by animals. Ammonia can also be oxidized back to atmospheric nitrogen by nitrifying bacteria. The biological N 2 process uses ATP to fix N 2 to ammonia. This reaction is catalyzed by nitrogenase found in Rhizobia bacteria living on legume roots. The industrial fixation process is called the Haber- Bosch process, which uses high temperature and pressure to produce ammonia from N 2 . Vertebrate cannot make sufficient amounts of certain amino acids, so it is essential to eat these amino acids regularly since they cannot be stored in the body. Excessive amino acids are degraded to make fuel or energy. During digestion, proteins that are eaten are broken
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2011 for the course MCB 102 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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Lec21 - MCB 102 Professor Markus Pauly 03/09/11 Lecture 21...

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