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Free Sample Friends and Lovers for Alvin Joga and Parisa Karimian by Michael Erlewine Alvin .... 09/11/1988 00:00:00 Djakarta, Indonesia Parisa .... 03/23/1989 14:18:00 Teheran, Iran Introduction Best friends, lovers, soul mates -- we are all looking for that perfect relationship -- that one special person who makes us feel complete. The secret to any long-term relationship is compatibility. Astrology has identified this secret ingredient of relationships several thousand years ago, and a whole branch of astrology is devoted to the study of relationships by comparing the natal or birth charts of individuals. This is known as the astrological art of synastry. Your Friends and Lovers reading analyzes each of your charts and interprets the astrological connections between them. Discover how you balance each other's strengths and weakness and smooth out each other's rough edges. You will learn how you each approach relationships in general, your innermost needs and desires as well as your strengths and challenges on the relationship front. You will then get a detailed look at what attracts you to Parisa, how Parisa brings out the best in you, and the strengths and challenges you face in your relationship with Parisa. You will also get a insightful look at what
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report-2010-2-21_13-44-40 - Free Sample Friends and Lovers...

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