CISC101_3A_Milan_Inventory - Milan Facility Inventory...

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Unformatted text preview: 9d59bd9b8a0380bcead924821c9654dd447a268a.xlsx Milan Facility: Inventory Status of Product Types Bracelets and Earrings As of June 30, 2009 Total in Stock 1,657 Total in Stock 1,481 Average Price $35.43 Average Price $35.33 Median Price $35.95 Median Price $35.97 Lowest Price $14.95 Lowest Price $13.99 Highest Price $65.95 Highest Price $74.95 Peal Styles Available: Peal Styles Available: Five styles, 191 total in stock Ten styles, 309 total pairs in stock Product Type: Bracelets Product Type: Earrings Style# Retail Price Gemstone Metal Style# Retail Price Gemstone 12 1254-B $34.99 Blue Topaz Silver Order 13 1254-E $55.99 Blue Topaz 48 1578-B $49.99 Red Coral Gold OK 5 1578-E $52.44 Red Jasper 31 2234-B $36.95 Green Jade Silver Order 34 1732-E $34.95 Peridot 3 2238-B $14.99 Green Agate Silver Order 42 1765-E $15.99 Turquoise 40 2389-B $15.95 Garnet Base OK 8 1872-E $14.99 Peridot 17 2452-B $44.95 Turquoise Silver Order 35 3245-E $49.95 Peridot 8 3242-B $29.99 Garnet Base Order 15 3452-E $13.99 Green Jade 2 3243-B $35.95 Pearl Gold Order 42 3455-E $14.95 Peridot 35 3244-B $45.99 Pearl Silver Order...
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2011 for the course CISC 101 taught by Professor Zakos during the Fall '09 term at Northampton Community College.

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CISC101_3A_Milan_Inventory - Milan Facility Inventory...

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