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CISC101_1A_Application_Letter - music and the demo CD you...

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Music School Records 2620 Vine Street Los Angeles, CA 90028 323-555-0028 September 12, 2009 Mr. William Hawken 123 Eighth Street Harrisville, MI 48740 Dear William: Subject: Your Application to Music School Records Thank you for submitting your application to Music School Records. Our talent scout for Northern Michigan, Catherine McDonald, is very enthusiastic about your
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Unformatted text preview: music, and the demo CD you submitted certainly confirms her opinion. We discuss our applications from potential clients during the first week of each month. We will have a decision for you by the second week of October. Yours truly, Lucy Burroughs 193b4736f206414ff7df93d553d6ef44f2a9b815...
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