CISC101_3D_Sales_Figures - 2008 Opening Night $20,320...

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To: Henry Smith Bill Masterson From: Sharon Nguyen, Manager Date: March 12, 2009 Subject: Winter Exhibition Sales Results This year’s winter photography exhibition was a big success, with attendance and sales surpassing last year’s event. Extended hours and increased promotion in the store and local media ads clearly made a difference. 2009 Exhibition Day Attendee s Increase Opening Night 300 60 Saturday 250 40 Sunday 220 30 Monday 130 -10 Tuesday 90 50 Closing 270 70 Gross Photograph Sales Day 2009
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Unformatted text preview: 2008 Opening Night $20,320 $15,600 Saturday $18,500 $10,000 Sunday $17,680 $10,900 Monday $5,850 $6,000 Tuesday $4,900 $3,200 Closing $19,700 $17,800 Planning for next year’s ad buys is already under way in order to secure space and rates. At the next staff meeting I will present a plan and budget for next 93a6006d51ef903a1fe43cef438d0d93e2b96e37 year’s winter exhibit, including further increasing in-store promotional activities....
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CISC101_3D_Sales_Figures - 2008 Opening Night $20,320...

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