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6EthnicityAndRace - o Examples include parents spouse...

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Chapter 6: Ethnicity and Race Ethnicity Ethnicity - Identification with, and feeling part of, an ethnic group, and exclusion from certain other groups because of this affiliation. Race Race – an ethnic group assumed to have a biological basis. RACE is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT , meaning we (people) decide what a race is. Let's take a look at the racial category of Blacks. In the U.S., we base racial categories on perceived biological differences. Status Status – any position that determines where someone fits in society; may be ascribed or achieved. Ascribed status – a status in which you have little or no choice about occupying. o We are born with most of our ascribed status: Age, sex, race, ethnicity, daughter/son, niece/nephew. Achieved status – status that comes through choices, actions, efforts, talents, or accomplishments, and may be positive or negative.
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Unformatted text preview: o Examples include: parents, spouse, corporate CEO, college student, and convicted felon. The Rule of Hypodescent "In American culture, one acquires his or her racial identity at birth, but race isn't based on biology or on simple ancestry. .. American rules for assigning racial status can be more arbitrary. In some states, anyone known to have any black ancestor, no matter how remote, is classified as a member of the black race.” • Essentially, a child born to parents of different racial categories would be categorized into the lesser minority. o For example, a child of a white mother and black father, no matter how white the child may look, would be labeled "Black." A child born of mixed Latino and African-American parents would also be labeled "Black" (Black is considered more of a minority than Latino)....
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