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Experiment 3: Projection Motion QUESTIONS 1. Which method do you believe to be more accurate for determining the initial velocity of the ball: the horizontal firing or the firing at an angle? Why? It is hard to tell which method is the most accurate since there is no accepted value for initial velocity to compare to, but I believe the method where a ball was fired at an angle was more precise because the marks left by the balls were closer together and therefore had a smaller error in range. 2. We consider air resistance to be negligible. Was this valid?
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Unformatted text preview: Yes it is a valid assumption. The ball has a pretty small surface area, which creates very little drag at these relatively low velocities and therefore isn’t very significant to the calculations for this experiment. Also, factoring drag into the equations for velocity would make the equations too difficult for a Physics I course. 3. Why was it important that the spring tension not be changed? If the spring tension is changed, the velocity of the ball will change....
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