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Chapter 4: Writing Memos, Faxes, and E-Mail What Memos, Faxes, and E-Mail Have in Common Each is streamlined for the busy world of work o Memos are far less formal in tone than letters; e-mail can be even more informal They give busy readers information fast o Most often they focus on the day-to-day activities and operations at your company Even though they are routine, they still demand a great deal of your thought and time o Determining usage depends on company policy, nature of your message, and your audience’s needs and expectations Memos Memos – brief in-house correspondence sent up and down the corporate ladder Used to record information of immediate importance and interest in the work environment They can be on paper or sent through e-mail Can also be sent to customers and others outside your company Memo Protocol and Company Politics Regardless of where you work, your employer will expect your memos to be timely, professional, and tactful Most companies have their own memo protocol o Accepted ways in which in-house communications are formatted, organized, written, and routed Functions of Memos Announcing a company policy or plan Changing a policy or procedure Offering information (FYI) Making a request Explaining a procedure or giving instructions Clarifying or summarizing an issue Alerting readers to a problem or a deadline Confirming the outcome of a conversation Delegating responsibility Calling a meeting Page | 1
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Providing explanations necessary for business Offering suggestions or recommendations
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technical writing_chapter4notes - Chapter 4 Writing Memos...

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