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Letters in the Age of the Internet 1. Letters represent your company’s public image and your competence 2. Letters are far more formal—in tone and structure—than any other type of business communication 3. A hard copy letter has the look and feel of an official document, commanding the reader’s respect and attention 4. Letters constitute an official legal record of an agreement Be absolutely sure that what you put in a letter about prices, warranties, guarantees, equipment specifications, delivery dates, or other promises is accurate 5. Unlike e-mail, many businesses require letters to be routed through certain channels before they are sent out 6. Letters are more permanent than e-mails 7. A letter is an official and expected medium through which important documents and attachments (contracts, specifications, proposals) are sent to readers 8. A letter is the most formal and approved way to conduct business with many international audiences a. They see a letter as more polite and honorable 9. A hard copy letter is confidential Letter Formats Letter format – the way in which you print a letter—where you indent and where you place certain kinds of
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technical writing_chapter5notes - Letters in the Age of the...

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