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_________ 1 ___________________ ___________________ English 107 – N1 24 January 2011 Email Assignment To: <> From: <______________________> Date: 01/25/2011 Subject: “Successful Writing at Work” Dear Dr. Smith, I am writing you to summarize important topics in the book, Successful Writing at Work by Philip C. Kolin. This book provides a wealth of information on communication tasks one might face while in the work environment. Mastering these tasks will help anyone achieve a more effective writing style and, therefore, become more successful at their job. The first topic in this book, “Writing for the Global Marketplace,” states that due to exponentially advancing technology, potential clients have expanded from immediate regions to the entire world. Through “the Internet, e-mail, express delivery, teleconferencing, and e- commerce,” businesses no longer need to travel in order to meet with clients (Kolin 5). Businesses can no longer turn a profit while existing solely in local markets so it proves paramount for them to expand to the global market. While engaging in international business, an
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_________ 2 awareness of the culture and customs of one’s clients, whether it is their language, gestures, or
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technical writing_email - _ 1 _ _ English 107 N1 24 January...

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