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technical writing_long report_bibliography

technical writing_long report_bibliography - Annotated...

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Annotated Bibliography “2007 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey: Over Half of All Employers Combined Fire Workers for E-Mail & Internet Abuse.” Business Wire 28 Feb. 2008. ProQuest . Web. 16 February 2011. This article lists statistics about termination due to Internet misuse, monitoring techniques, and litigation. The article also suggests that companies should offer training to educate employees on company expectations. Anandarajan, Murugan and Claire A. Simmers. Personal Web Usage in the Workplace: A Guide to Effective Human Resources Management . Hershey, PA: Information Science Publishing, 2003. Print. Various authors examine Internet abuse issues in the workplace, such as consequences of Internet abuse, benefits of allowing personal web usage, monitoring technologies, and legal issues. Birch, Dan and Angela Stelmakowich. “New Kind of ‘Social’ Unrest.” OH & S Canada 24.3 1 Apr. 2008: 46. ProQuest . Web. 16 February 2011. The authors list statistics on disciplinary actions taken in response to Internet misuse. They also describe the effects of cyberbullying in the workplace and make suggestions about general guidelines employers should set. Chen, Charlie C., Chen, Jengchung V., and Hsiao-Han Yang. "An Empirical Evaluation of Key Factors Contributing to Internet Abuse in the Workplace.” Industrial Management & Data Systems 108.1 (2008): 87-106. ProQuest . Web. 16 February 2011.
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The authors briefly discuss the importance of web applications and Internet usage in the workplace. They define Internet abuse and the risks it presents to a company. They state
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technical writing_long report_bibliography - Annotated...

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