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TO: GHS Law Partners Staff From: Rachel Glazer DATE: July 7, 2009 SUBJECT: Service and Space Expansion With the recent addition of three new attorneys to our firm, GHS Law Partners is in a position to begin adding to the array of services we offer our clients. Our new attorneys bring expertise in the following fields: Mandy Esposito specializes in privacy policies for business in general, and in terms of use and Web site audits for online businesses. Cliff Meyers is an acknowledged expert on digital rights management and has extensive experience litigating cases brought under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Julian Nguyen has helped clients file over 500 patents in the areas of bioinformatics and computer software for biological sciences. Mandy will lead the firm’s expansion of already existing services in domain name disputes, spam- and phishing-related fraud, and Web design agreements. In addition, she will work with existing clients to develop appropriate privacy policies and terms of use that protect both businesses and customers. The
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