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Unformatted text preview: Department of Economics University of Minnesota Spring 2011 ECON 4337 & ECON 4307 Comparative Economic Systems (Updated 19\01\2011) Class time: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 01:25 P.M.-02:15 P.M. Classroom : Hanson Hall 1-107 Course web page: Instructor: Alperen Evrin Office: 3-153 Hanson Hall Office phone: 612.624.1305 Office hours: Monday & Wednesday 02:30 P.M.-03:30 P.M. E-mail: 1 Course Description: This course aims to provide information on the structure and performance of historical and contemporary economic systems adopted by different societies. We start with an introduction to the theory of economic systems and then concentrate on the comparison of two main economic systems: market economy versus centrally planned economy. Next, we will discuss several examples from the world economy which lie on a spectrum between pure market and pure command systems (United States, Japan, France, Sweden) and the sot economies. Finally, in addition to the post-sot transition experiences in some Eastern European countries, Russia, and China, the alternative paths in some developing countries will be analyzed. Required and Suggested Texts: The required text for the course is the book titled Comparative Economics in a Transforming World Economy (2nd Edition), by J. B. Rosser and M. V. Rosser, MIT Press, 2004. Other texts which you may nd useful are : Economics in Perspective : A Critical History, by John Kenneth Galbraith, 1987. Comparing Economic Systems in the Twenty-First Century , by Paul R. Gregory and Robert C. Stuart, 2004. Comparative Economic Systems : Models and Cases , 6th Edition, edited by Morris Bornstein, Irwin, 1989....
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syllabusspr11 - Department of Economics University of...

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