Grading_Paper_Prez_E - 6 Results from Analysis/Conclusion Quality of Sources Data Source How did you use each source 5 Bibliography Final Draft

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University of Minnesota Spring 2011 Economics 4731H Macroeconomic Policy Points and Comments Points Awarded Points Possible Grading Criteria 2 Points: 2 Sources (1 data) 2 Points: Question? 1 Point: Importance? 3 Points: Essential ideas/argument (plan)? 2 Point: Model/Theory? 10 Final Problem Statement (I will be grading on the clarity of these points.) 3 Points: Fits Statement and Complete? 2 Points: 2 More Sources 5 Outline Rough Draft: Clear? Answers Questions? 7 Essential Ideas and Arguments 7 Use of Model and Theory?
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Unformatted text preview: 6 Results from Analysis/Conclusion Quality of Sources? Data Source? How did you use each source? 5 Bibliography Final Draft : Clear? Answers Questions? 10 Essential Ideas and Arguments 10 Use of Model and Theory? 10 Results from Analysis/Conclusion Restates Thesis? Summarizes Main Points? 10 Conclusion. Quality of Sources? Data Source? 5 Bibliography: Clear Question? Model Use? 10 Presentation 5 Class Participation 100 Overall Remember: Include your original statement with explicit answers to my questions....
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