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Paper and Presentation Intro: Everybody will submit a short term paper (five to seven pages unless you are taking Econ 4100W 1 ). In addition, you will present your paper in class. This presentation will last approximately ten minutes with questions from me and the class throughout. Suitable Topics: The topic should be suitable for analysis from the tools covered in an economics course yet relevant to this one. It could very well be a complicated topic provided you are capable of narrowing it. The idea being that you could continue your analysis as a Senior Project or in another course. Typical Topics: a) Analysis of the Bailout b) Analysis of Past/Future Policy Reforms (Taxes, Education, Social Security) c) Smaller Public Analysis (Favorite Country/State/City/Town) When choosing your topic try to keep in mind the corresponding tools from class which can be used. I will help you with this. The paper/presentation will be standard: 1) Introduction: Question i. Why is This Important? ii. What Do You Want Us to Learn (i.e. Conclusion)? 2) Motivating Data 3) Model for Explanation 4) Implications 5) Conclusion The presentation will be academic. Be prepared to answer questions from me and your classmates. Question Make this clear. This should be your first slide and one the first things stated. Last semester, a group had the following: How will Obama's health care proposals affect employment? If your 1 If you wish to fulfill the writing requirement from Econ 4100W, your paper must be 15 to 20 pages.
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question is not clear in your presentation or paper, it will be the first thing I ask. The question is
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Statement_Paper_Prez_Econ_4731H - Paper and Presentation...

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