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V Taylor MAR2011 Professor Kiernan Due: 011611 Module 2 1. The “AMA” is the American Marketing Association. The AMA is a professional association that offers a wealth of information services, education and assistance to its members to promote their individual and / or group marketing efforts. It is the centralized resource whereby anyone, whether a professional marketer or a new business owner can join and utilize the vast resources offered by AMA to network and market their products or services. 2.2 Former Ford Motor Co. Chairman Petersen’s statement that “If we aren’t customer driven, then our cars won’t be. ..” is a great motivating statement for the company’s employees as well as the public’s consumption. The statement reflects multiple marketing concepts illustrated in Chapter 1; for example: The statement works well within the company in a “Production Orientation.” Further, “Market Orientation” is applicable to Petersen’s statement incorporating the “Marketing Concept” for consumer satisfaction and “Societal Market Orientation.” Having not heard Petersen’s statement prior and relating it to concepts in the chapter, his statement is genius on so many levels. 2.3 An example of companies that have followed a “Production Orientation” successfully would be IBM and Apple when they began to mass produce computers for the general public without consumer driven demand. Another example would be pharmaceutical companies that promote products to the public,
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whereby consumers, for example did not yet know they “suffered” from “Restless Leg Syndrome.” Both of these companies were successful, especially in marketing computers to the general public because the consumer market was ripe to move into the next generation of the “future.” Technology had been promoted in media since the television (another example) came out and advertising told the populace what they needed instead of the other way around. In the case of the drug companies, society was already extremely accepting and geared to taking a pill for “whatever ails you” and it made sense to market directly to the public versus going through the traditional physicians. Overall, I would say that the market was receptive to those companies’ products and it was a successful scenario. 3.2 January 5, 2011 Robert G. Miller, Chief Executive Officer Wayne Denningham, President, Florida Division Albertsons, LLC. Re: “It’s Your Store”
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VTaylor MOD 2 Submission - V Taylor MAR2011 Professor...

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