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HCA220_Appendix_E[1] - Axia College Material Appendix E...

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Axia College Material Appendix E Building a Medical Vocabulary Ch. 3, 4, & 5 Complete activities A, B, & C. A. Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in problems 1- 16. Word parts may be used more than once. Click the grey box to begin typing. gloss/o- bil/i- mastic/o- axill/o- -al cardi/o- epi- apic/o- tri- glott/o- -stals/o fec/o- diastol/o- cusp/o- rub/o- sept/o- -ary peri- -in -ic thorac/o- -ous -sis -ation saphen/o- -id eu- mucos/o- -pne/o- -ac 1. Pertaining to the tongue 2. Pertaining to the mucous membrane 3. Process of chewing 4. Process of contracting around 5. Substance of red (red blood cell) bile 6. Pertaining to stool 7. Pertaining to the septum 8. Pertaining to above the glottis 9. Pertaining to the apex 10. Pertaining to Normal breathing 11. Pertaining to the heart 12. Resembling three points 13. Pertaining to the heart and lung cavity 14. Pertaining to the armpit 15. Pertaining to standing 16. Pertaining to dilating HCA 220 glossal septal fecal biliribin mastication mucosal peristalsis apical eupeic cardiac trisuspid axillary saphenous disastole
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B. Define the following words or word parts
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