HCA220_Appendix_I[1] - 11. Pertaining to below the thalamus...

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Axia College Material Appendix I A. Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in problems 1- 13. Word parts may be used more than once. Click the grey box to begin typing. epi- oste/o- -or hypo- cost/o- ab- gustat/o- -cyte -ic xiph/o- thalam/o- -al perone/o- -ion -ar -oid duct/o- dur/o- -ory -cervic/o sacr/o- pronat/o- -delt/o- appendicul/o- recept/o- 1. Pertaining to a limb 2. Cartilage resembling a sword 3. Pertaining to a rib 4. Pertaining to the neck 5. Pertaining to the sacrum 6. Action of moving (a body part) away (from body) 7. Resembling a triangle 8. Action of lying face-down 9. Pertaining to the fibula 10. Having a sense of taste
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Pertaining to below the thalamus 12. Pertaining to above the dura mater 13. A thing (person) that receives HCA 220 B. Define the following words or word parts. -eal-clast-aris-ent-ature-ite -ure-logy hemi--ory C. In this activity, break the medical word into its word parts. Using the word parts, create a definition of the word. Write a sentence using the word in a medical context. Use the table to record your answers. Medical Word Prefix Combining form Additional Combining form or suffix Suffix Definition Intervertebral Sentence: Periosteal Sentence: Ossification Sentence: Brachioradialis Sentence: Neuromuscular Sentence: Subarachnoid Sentence: HCA 220...
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HCA220_Appendix_I[1] - 11. Pertaining to below the thalamus...

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