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ch01_ updated_hw - Homework Updated January 2007 CHAPTER 1...

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Homework Updated January 2007 CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Networking L e a r n i n g   O b je c ti v e s : Last Name: ____________________________________________________ First Name: ____________________________________________________ Due Date: __________________________________ Test Your Understanding 1. a) Distinguish between the Internet and the World Wide Web. b) Distinguish between the Internet and e-mail. c) Describe client/server applications. d) Distinguish between the Internet and corporate networks. e) What are the characteristics of transaction processing applications? f) Describe VoIP. g) Distinguish between data communications and telecommunications. 2. List the nine elements of a network. 3. a) Distinguish between client and server computers. (Yes, this repeats an earlier question.) b) Which element of single networks do users care about? 4. a) What are messages called in single networks? b) What is packet switching? 5. a) Distinguish between switches and routers. b) On what do Ethernet switches base switching decisions? 6. a) Distinguish between the two types of transmission lines. Chapter 1-1
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b) Which type of line has higher speed? Why? c) What type of line is the connection between the server computer and Switch 3 in Figure 1-3? d) What type of line is the connection between Switch 1 and Switch 4 in Figure 1-3? e) What is multiplexing? f) What is the benefit of multiplexing? g) Why is packet switching useful in multiplexing? 7. What is the purpose of wireless access points? 8. When you discuss network costs, what should you mention? 9. a) In what units is transmission speed normally measured? b) Is speed measured as bits per second or bytes per second? c) Give the names and abbreviations for speeds in increasing factors of 1,000. d) What is 55,000,000,000 bits per second in metric notation? e) What is 100 kbps in bits? f) Write the following speeds properly: 0.067 Mbps, 23,000 kbps, and 45.62 Gbps. 10. a) Distinguish between rated speed and throughput. b) Distinguish between individual and aggregate throughput. 11. a) List the First Bank of Paradise’s sites. b) Explain the functions of the bank’s three main buildings. 12. a) What is a WAN? b) Does FBP use a single WAN or several? 13. a) What are LANs? b) Distinguish between core and workgroup switches. c) In Figure 1-9, how many workgroup switches are there? d) How many core switches? e) Suppose that there is a server connected to Workgroup Switch 2. Through what switches will frames travel when the client connected to Workgroup Switch 1 sends frames to the server? 14. a) For what is SOHO an abbreviation? b) What are campus LANs? 15. a) Compare typical LAN and WAN speeds. b) Why are typical LAN speeds faster than typical WAN speeds? Give a complete and logical answer. 16.
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ch01_ updated_hw - Homework Updated January 2007 CHAPTER 1...

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