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Homework Updated January 2007 Chapter 1b: Hands-On: Configuring Windows XP Home for Networking Last Name: ____________________________________________________ First Name: ____________________________________________________ Due Date: __________________________________ Test Your Understanding Questions 1. Which offers better security—Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional? 2. a) What link in the Control Panel is used for many networking configuration actions? b) Explain the three options in the Network and Internet Connections dialog box. 3. a) What are “gateways” commonly called? b) How is Internet Connection Sharing less expensive than using an access router? c) Why is Internet Connection Sharing undesirable? d) When is a crossover UTP cord needed? 4. Explain why the workgroup name is important.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is a share in Microsoft Windows XP Home? 6. a) When you set up a Windows XP Home PC to allow it to share directories and files, what directory or directories is/are available for sharing by default with Windows XP Home? b) In earlier versions of Windows? c) Using the default, how can you make files available for sharing? Chapter 1b-1 d) Can additional directories be made available for sharing? e) Can passwords be required for directory access with Windows XP Home? f) Can directories other than Shared Documents be made read-only? 7. How does a computer user see what files are available over the network? 8. If you want to print a particular document to a printer attached to another computer, what must have already been done? Chapter 1b-2...
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ch01b_updated_hw - 5. What is a share in Microsoft Windows...

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