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Homework Updated January 2007 CHAPTER 9 Security Last Name: ____________________________________________________ First Name: ____________________________________________________ Due Date: __________________________________ Test Your Understanding 1. a) What is a compromise? b) Are compromises common or rare? c) Give two other names for compromises. 2. a) How do viruses propagate within computers? b) How do viruses propagate between computers? c) How can viruses be stopped? d) Distinguish between vulnerability-enabled worms and e-mail worms. e) Which can spread faster—viruses or vulnerability-enabled worms? Explain. f) How can vulnerability-enabled worms be stopped? g) What are payloads? h) What is malware? i) What are Trojan horses? j) How does a Trojan horse get on a computer? 3. a) What is social engineering? b) What is the definition of spam? c) Distinguish between credit card number theft and identity theft. d) What are carders? e) What is adware? Chapter 9-1
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f) What is spyware? g) What is a keystroke logger? h) What is phishing? 4. a) List the usual main phases in human break-ins (hacks). b) What is hacking? (Give the exact definition.) c) Why do hackers send probe packets into networks? d) What is an exploit (noun)? e) What is an it to exploit (verb) a system? f) Do most exploits take advantage of vulnerabilities? g) What steps does a hacker usually take after a break-in? h) What is a backdoor? i) What is host exploitation software? 5. a) What is the purpose of a denial-of-service attack? b) What are bots? c) How do distributed DoS attacks work? 6. a) Are most attackers today driven by curiosity and a sense of power? b) Why are employees dangerous? c) What type of attacker is the most common today?
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ch09_updated_hw - Homework Updated January 2007 CHAPTER 9...

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