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de las Casas Debate 1. Prosperity and wealth may not have entered Spain without the help of the Conquistadors who ventured out to foreign land and risked their lives. Thousands and thousands of tons of gold were brought back from the voyage to enrich the people of Spain. We, the Conquistadors, made our country stronger and more powerful and should be thanked for our work.(de las Casas 108) 2. Moreover, we carried and shared our deepest devotion to God on the journey. We came onto these foreign countries and helped the barbarians find the love and faith in our Christianity. Converting the barbaric Indians was not an easy task but the bishops and
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Unformatted text preview: priests have done their best. So much Christianity is now established in our conquered countries. (de las Casas 108) 3. Five hundred and fifty soldiers went on the voyage in hopes of creating a better life for all Spaniards but no more than five are living. Why is this so? Our men were murdered by the barbaric Indians! A long battle in Mexico with the Indians caused many of our soldiers to die with such cruelty in foreign land. We came on this journey for a better life and to share our God, yet we encounter danger at every angle. (de las Casas 34, 108)...
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