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Gilgamesh Discussion Ques

Gilgamesh Discussion Ques - The Epic of Gilgamesh...

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The Epic of Gilgamesh: Discussion Questions 1. Before the journey to the Forest of Cedar, Enkidu tried to persuade Gilgamesh to not to go on that journey stating that “Humbaba, his voice is the Deluge, his speech is fire, and his breath is death! Why do you desire to do this thing? An unwinnable battle is *Humbaba‘s ambush” (Tablet II, line 110). Why is it that when Humbaba begged for mercy, Enkidu relentlessly demanded Gilgamesh to quickly kill him, “my friend, Humbaba who guards the Forest of [Cedar:] finish him, slay him, do away with his power!” (Tablet V, line 185)? 2. In Tablet XI, Uta-napishti tells Gilgamesh about how the God’s conflict with each other about the Deluge resulted in Enlil granting him and his wife immortality. The following quote shows the conflict between the Gods, “ ‘all the gods shall come to the incense, but to the incense let Enlil not come, because he lacked counsel and brought on the Deluge, and delivered my people into destruction.’ Then at once Enlil arrived, he saw the boat, he was seized with
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