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neural networks genetic alg1 - Active Character Technology...

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Active Character Technology using Neural Networks, B.Hidayathulla K.Balanjaneya Kumar ¾,C.S.E ¾ B.Tech,C.S.E V.R.Siddhartha engineering college V.R.Siddhartha engineering College Vijayawada Vijayawada Email:[email protected] Email:[email protected] 1.Abstract: A combination of Neural networks genetic algorithms and conventional computing in Multimedia and Gaming industry has never been attempted before. Existing technologies operate on fixed databases and manipulate limited data that is bound by some logical algorithm. Even many of the AI based products don’t implement intelligent thinking. Using a combination of AI,ANN genetic algorithms & conventional computers intelligent gaming characters and intelligent Virtual Stuntmen can be created that simulate a realistic atmosphere. Even though the technical implementation is difficult, the future is promising. This paper looks at the possibilities of such a complex system and its different components 2.Introduction: Artificial Neural Networks are a very different paradigm of computing. Artificial Neural Networks are self-learning mechanisms, which don't require the traditional skills of a programmer. A few of these neuron-based structures, paradigms actually, are being used commercially. Neural networks are based on the parallel architecture of animal brains. computers have trouble recognizing even simple patterns much less generalizing those patterns of the past into actions of the future. Artificial Neural Networks are relatively crude electronic models based on the neural structure of the brain An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an information processing paradigm that is inspired by the way biological nervous systems, such as the brain, process information. As of now medical facilities are capable of understanding some part of the functioning of the brain. This knowledge is being used to create neural networks. 3.Neural Networks: The above figure depicts a basic Biological neuron. It has 1) The CELL BODY : It has a large nucleus with one or two large nucleoli. The most characteristic feature of the cell body is the presence of large granules, called NISSL GRANULES, in the cytoplasm. These are groups of ribosome that are made up of RNA and proteins. CELL BODY is the center for all the synthetic activity of the neuron. 2) Dendrites : these are projections arising from the cell body. Their number may range from one to thousands. Dendrites are short and branched
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structures. They receive information from other neurons. 3) AXON : This is a projection from the cell body. Each neuron has only one Axon. Axons are large when compared to dendrites. At the end Axon gives out several branches that end in nerve terminals. These terminals make contact with other axons or cell body or effector organs. This connection site is called a Synapse. In some neurons the axon is covered with a protective layer called the Myelin sheath. This covering has gaps at
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neural networks genetic alg1 - Active Character Technology...

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