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PILL CAMERA(appli of nano)

PILL CAMERA(appli of nano) - nanotechnology we have...

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PILL CAMERA - (An application of nanotechnology ) BY: D.SRIKANTH B.VINAY III/IV B.Tech (INF) III/IV B.Tech (INF) NO: 9949194636 NO: 9966464069 E-mail id: [email protected] e-mail id: [email protected] From
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KAKATIYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE, Warangal ABSTRACT: Nanotechnology sometimes called, molecular manufacturing, is a branch of engineering that deals with the design manufacture of extremely small electronics circuits and mechanical devices build at the molecular level of matter. And we all know that, the aim of technology is to make products in a large scale for cheaper prices and increased quality. The current technologies have attained a part of it, but the manufacturing technology is at macro level. The future lies in manufacturing product right from the molecular level. Research in this direction started way back in eighties. At that time manufacturing at molecular and atomic level was laughed about. But due to advent of
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Unformatted text preview: nanotechnology we have realized it to a certain level. One such product manufactured is PILL CAMERA , which is used for the treatment of cancer, ulcer and anemia. It has made revolution in the field of medicine. This tiny capsule can pass through our body, without causing any harm. It takes pictures of our intestine and transmits the same to the receiver of Computer analysis of our digestive system. This process can help in tracking any Kind of disease related to digestive system. Also we have discussed the brief introduction of nanotechnology, Drawbacks of PILL CAMERA and how these drawbacks can be overcome using Grain sized motor and bi-directional wireless telemetry capsule. Besides these we have reviewed the process of manufacturing products using nanotechnology. Some other important applications are also discussed along with their potential impacts on various fields....
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  • Spring '07
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  • D.SRIKANTH III/IV B.Tech, B.VINAY III/IV B.Tech, PILL CAMERA, extremely small electronics, bi-directional wireless telemetry

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PILL CAMERA(appli of nano) - nanotechnology we have...

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