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Grid Computing - Grid Computing-The hasty Computing to...

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Grid Computing-The hasty Computing to access Internet Paper Presented By  N.Pradeep Kumar                            A.Bhuvan Mohan  Vaagdevi  College Of  Engg.          Vaagdevi College  Of  Engg.  CSIT-III/IV                                     CSIT-III/IV                      [email protected]        [email protected] Contents: Abstract Introduction to Grid computing Types of Grid Our Proposed Grid Model Accessing the proposed Grid Conclusion References ABSTRACT: Today we are in the Internet world and everyone prefers to enjoy fast access to the Internet. But due to multiple downloading, there is a chance that the system hangs up or slows down the performance that leads
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to the restarting of the entire process from the beginning. This is one of the serious problems that need the attention of the researchers. So we have taken this problem for our research and in this paper we are providing a layout for implementing our proposed Grid Model that can access the Internet very fast. By using our Grid we can easily download any number of files very fast depending on the number of systems employed in the Grid. We have used the concept of grid computing for this purpose. The Grid formulated by us uses the standard Globus Architecture, which is the only Grid Architecture currently used world wide for developing the Grid. When practically implemented, our Grid provides the user to experience the streak of lightening over the Internet while downloading multiple files. INTRODUCTION: Grid Computing is a technique in which the idle systems in the Network and their “ wasted “ CPU cycles can be efficiently used by uniting pools of servers, storage systems and networks into a single large virtual system for resource sharing dynamically at runtime. These systems can be
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