Workplace Violence short report

Workplace Violence short report - Workplace Violence...

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Workplace Violence Prepared for Dr. Barbara Davis, Professor Fogelman College of Business and Economics Prepared by Emily Greer Business Communication Student November 9, 2010 Workplace violence is something that can happen to anyone anywhere and the purpose of this report is to inform the reader of violence in the workplace and provide them with the
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knowledge to help prevent this violence. No employer is unaffected by workplace violence they also cannot prevent it from happening. Workplace violence is increasingly high and can be prevent if people are educated on the situation. The cost to help prevent workplace violence is very high, but will pay off if it helps prevent a single incident (U.S. Department of Labor 2000, p.1). Types of workplace violence, factors that provoke violence, warning signs, and ways to prevent workplace violence are the four different topics we are going to talk about in this report. Overview Types of Workplace Violence There are three main types of workplace violence. The first type focuses on violence that begins and occurs in the workplace. An example of this type of violence would be like the recent Wal-Mart bomb treat in Senatobia, Mississippi. In the example an employee was fired from the Wal-Mart two weeks prior to coming into the store and making a bomb treat. The next type of workplace violence would be violence that starts in the workplace but ends outside of the workplace. A great example of this would be to co-workers who do not get along at work run into each other at a party and get into a violent fight. The last type of violence starts outside of the workplace, but ends in the workplace. Domestic abuse that starts at home but is carried over to the workplace is an example of the third type of workplace violence. “When defining what
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Workplace Violence short report - Workplace Violence...

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