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Unformatted text preview: P at r ick I ndustries 4000 Forum D r ive Memphis, T N 38155 (901)-396-8745 October 11, 2010 Mackenzie Daniels 2940 Elrod Drive Memphis, TN 38175 Dear Mackenzie Daniels: Subject: Proposed Plan for Dealing with Current Abuse of Privileges by Residents Welcome to your new residency at Paradigm Abodes Condominiums. It has come to our knowledge that Interns from Patrick Industries have been abusing their privileges at the condominiums. It seems that the rules that were given to all the interns have been broken. We are very disappointed in the actions of our interns and have come up with a solution to these problems. Patrick Industries solution is to set new rules and regulations that must be followed. Guest must be cleared for visitation through the security office. Interns are still only allowed two parking spaces per condominium. Additional parking will be offered across from the condominiums at Patrick Industries reserved parking lot. It will be free for residents, but authorized guest will be charged a fee of $10. Interns will have to go online to sign-in to Paradigm Abodes or Patrick Industries in order to use the fitness center, club house, or hospitality center. Interns who have changed roommates without properly documenting it through the Human Resource Department will be charged a Waiver of Liability Fee. This fee of $250 covers the cost of reissuing the liability insurance that covers specific individuals in designated condominiums. All interns must come by the Human Resource Department by Friday, October 22 and sign an Agreement of Residency Form as well as update or change any required forms in order to remain in the condominiums. If the forms need to be completed by the deadline or it will result in eviction from the condominiums as well as possible expulsion from the intern program. Sincerely, Emily Greer Human Resource Manager Copy: Mr. Rajiv Grover, Intern Director Enclosure P at r ick I ndustries 4000 Forum D r ive Memphis, T N 38155 (901)-396-8745 ...
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2011 for the course FIN 3410 taught by Professor Jones during the Spring '09 term at U. Memphis.

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bcom.assignment.2 - P at r ick I ndustries 4000 Forum D r...

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