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Bonus 1 - should be given to you then you will never...

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Bonus 1 Emily Greer Total Score= 59 The locus of control questionnaire measures how you view life and the achievement that you make. My results showed that I have a high locus of control. I agree with these results because I view a persons success by how much they try. If you work hard and set goals and try your hardest to achieve them good things will happen to you. If you like to sit around and do nothing and think that everything
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Unformatted text preview: should be given to you then you will never succeed in life. I believe that the choices you make determine your future. My education is an exam of how strong my locus of control is. I had seven classes last semester to finish before I could get my associates degree. Instead of splitting it into two semesters I decided that if I worked hard then I would be able to complete these classes in one semester....
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  • Spring '09
  • English-language films, Personal life, Associate's degree, Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs number-one singles, Emily Greer

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