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Chapter 2 Report Emily Greer No I do not believe that it is ethical to hire away from your competitors. I believe that if you run a good strong company than you can come up with a program that is just as good if now better. There is always ways to go to improve your business without doing things that are unethical. Most of the time things that are unethical are no illegal so a lot of people do chose to go in that direction. I believe that if you do things the right way you will get more satisfaction from the things you achieve.
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Unformatted text preview: It is also unethical to send your employees to a bar where a competing employee hangs out in order to gain information. I do believe that it is ethical to research the company and see if there is any information that might help you get ahead or understand some of the directions the company is headed in. If the information was published for public records there is nothing wrong with look it up. If the company did not want you to see it then they would not have made it public....
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