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Chp 5 report - anonymous so people are more willing to talk...

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Emily Greer Chapter 5 Report 10/5/2010 A conflict is when two or more people have a different point of view on the same matter. A dispute is when one person makes a claim that the other person denies. In order to get to the bottom of the conflicts and disputes you need to talk with each team member individually to discover where the problem lies. I think that the firm’s contract should have a dispute resolution clause. It lets employee’s know that if they have a problem with another individual that there is an effective way to solve it. I work for Old Navy and we have a system in place so If we have a problem we call this hotline and all the information is
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Unformatted text preview: anonymous so people are more willing to talk. I also believe that the client’s contract should have an agreement that will help resolve conflicts and disputes. I do not think it is right to have someone sign a contract for a certain period of time and them not be happy with the work that is being done. The system of dispute resolution that I would prefer the company to use would be the settlement negotiation. The settlement negotiation is the cheapest and the fastest so I believe it would be the best way to satisfy the company and the clients....
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