Letter _1 Assignment Fall 2010

Letter _1 Assignment Fall 2010 - Interns who do not want a...

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Letter Assignment #1 - MGMT 3510 General Information: Patrick Industries owns several condominiums used to house its interns during their short-term assignments. In your position as a human resources manager, write a form letter to all interns (20), which includes information about their living arrangements. The information on living arrangements you provide should include that two parking spaces are allocated to each condominium where they are assigned to live within the complex. The two parking spaces per condominium are reserved especially for the interns. Interns also have access to a fitness center, the club house, and hospitality center. Include the complex information, which is Paradigm Abodes, 1330 Prado Drive, Memphis, TN 38152. Interns will be paired (2 per condominium), but they can choose their roommates. This selection must be made by visiting the Human Resource Department and completing a Roommate Selection Form and signing a Waiver of Liability for the company.
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Unformatted text preview: Interns who do not want a roommate can reimburse the company for a single occupancy unit. Send a copy of your letter to the Intern Director, Mr. Rajiv Grover. Format: Format your document in any one of the letter styles reviewed during the StyleCard class discussion in your textbook. Your one-page letter should have proper sentence construction, appropriate paragraphing, and correct English and number usage as well as use the classroom and textbook strategies. Reference the StyleCards, Chapters 4 and 9, as well as class lectures and notes to appropriately complete the assignment. For purposes of this assignment, address your (form) letter to (technically the software will insert each intern’s name as it prints each copy of the form letter) : Mackenzie Daniels 2940 Elrod Drive Memphis, TN 38175 Use the following company information: Patrick Industries 4000 Forum Drive Memphis, TN 38155 Please ask questions if you need additional clarification on this assignment....
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Letter _1 Assignment Fall 2010 - Interns who do not want a...

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