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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning2_AmericanBusinessHistory_Unit2_Project

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Unit 2 1 UNIT 2: The Pre-Industrial American Economy UNIT 2: The Pre-Industrial American Economy Katrina Manning Kaplan University
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Unit 2 2 Women's Roles in Early America and Post-Industrial Society The roles women have played have been questioned for years. The progress that have been made for women’s rights have given women the opportunities that didn’t exists in early America and because of this women have taken these opportunities to advance in America. Women were the backbone in the households of early America. They made sure to provide subsistence to their families but also make things to trade and acquire the things needed to accomplish their part in contributing to the family. Women needed the help from men and their children to make it an easier structure and enable them to accomplish their much-needed tasks. Women make just about everything for the family from soap to butter. Men did the farming, “outside” work, and a lot of the “back-breaking work”, while women provided the mean to do so. In a typical household economy, the women would make their clothing and linen from anything
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning2_AmericanBusinessHistory_Unit2_Project

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