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The Family Brand Manning Page 1 of 5 11/03/2008 Johnson & Johnson The Family Brand By Katrina Manning Professor Saralee Seeman CM105-03 11/03/2008 1
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The Family Brand Manning Page 2 of 5 11/03/2008 A. Johnson & Johnson created in 1886 is known always as The Family Brand and has been aiding in families and individuals needs and health everywhere, provides many commonly known products to families and medical facilities of all sizes across the world, and has a markets to a young adults, children, teens and parents. They have numerous consumer products that include: Johnson Baby Shampoo, Aveeno, Band-Aide, Listerine, Rembrandt, Stayfree, Tylenol, Motrin, Splenda, Visine and Mylanta. Johnson and Johnson (n.a) 1997-2008 I. Johnson and Johnson along with the entire consumer products such as baby shampoo, provide a website link that help all adults who are going to, thinking about, have had a baby. ( and-your-family ) When you go on the link there is a timeline at the very top that goes from pregnant to 9 years old. There is an abundance of information on this timeline from eating healthy while pregnant to “your child is now 9 years old” and now it is time to start saving for college. One part on the timeline is the newborn link and when click there are tools that you can use such as step by step diaper changing and why your newborn looks bowlegged. On this topic it states that the reason they look to be bowlegged is because being in the womb they were
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_CM105-03_Unit7_Project - Johnson...

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