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BIPOLAR DISORDER 1 UNIT 9: BIPOLAR DISORDER-FINAL PROJECT Bi-Polar Disorder: A Disease Not an Excuse Katrina Manning Kaplan University
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BIPOLAR DISORDER 2 Although many believe Bipolar is an excuse for their wretched behavior, bipolar is actually an illness because it causes physical symptoms that can be diagnosed by a doctor, it responds to medicinal therapies, and it is recognized by the American Medical Association and The Department of Health and Human Services. Many people have the opinion that Bipolar is just an excuse to overlook behavior the individual uses to get away with their unacceptable behavior. In an article it states that bipolar is an excuse for bad behavior. To use an example of a real person responding to a discussion on the internet a woman by the name of Sandy states, “I personally think that people use mental diagnoses as an excuse for poor behavior and decision-making. The reason we see so many negative things in the news is because that is what sells newspapers, not to mention ads on TV. It is the only reason they do not advertise the fact that folks who just happen to have BP usually contribute a great deal to society in a positive manner.” ( July 15, 2008). Bipolar disorder has physical symptoms that can lead to other serious health problems. Symptoms that are related to bipolar are mania, hypomania, depression and mixed episodes. This is the foundation of many physical symptoms related to these. Mania is a part of the foundation in many physical symptoms that can occur during the rise of this. Mania is the feeling of unusual energy levels, extreme irritability, unrealistic, magnificent view that they are powerful and have abilities that is not as prominent as they think, little to no sleep but no visible results of tiredness, their energy remains high, speaking at a pace
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_CM225_Unit7_Draft - BIPOLAR...

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