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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_mm212_project_6_septb

Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_mm212_project_6_septb - Factor...

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MM212 Project 6 September B Make sure to superscript all exponents.  All exponents in final answers should be positive.  Final answers should have all single connecting signs and be arranged in descending  order. ________________________________________________________ Project 6 Factoring Make sure to superscript all exponents.  If you believe that a polynomial is not factorable,  label it as prime.  Show all stages of factoring separately (i.e., show the result of factoring  out a GCF before taking the resulting polynomial and factoring it again). 1.  Factor completely: x 3 y – 3x 2 y – 10xy x*x*x*y -3*x*x*y -2*5*x*y The GCF is xy
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Unformatted text preview: Factor out xy xy(x 2-3x-10) 2. Factor completely: x 2 – 4xy + 12ax – 48ay Factor by grouping x*x-2*2*x*y The GCF of these two terms is x Factor out the x x(x-4y) 2*2*3*a*x-2*2*2*2*3*a*y The GCF is 4a Factor out 4a 4a(3x-12y) x(x-4y)4a(3x-12y) 3. Factor completely: x 2 – 5x – 6 Factor by grouping x*x-5*x-2*3 No GCF (x*1)(x-6) 4. Factor completely: 36x 2 – 4y 2 2*2*3*3*x*x-2*2*y*y 2(18x-2y) 2 5. Factor completely: 9x 2 + 40x + 16 3*3*x*x 2*2*2*5*x 2*2*2*2 9x 2 +8(5x+2) 6. Factor completely: 3x 2 – 30x + 48 3*x*x-2*3*5*x 2*2*2*2*3 The GCF is 3 Factor out the 3 3(x 2-10x+16)...
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