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UNIT 9 MINI ASSIGNMENT Page 1 of 5 UNIT 9 MINI ASSIGNMENT WEB FIELD TRIP Unit 9 Mini Assignment Web Field Trip Katrina Manning Kaplan University Professor Nicole Harris MT203 Human Resources February 10, 2009
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UNIT 9 MINI ASSIGNMENT Page 2 of 5 1. What is the name of the professional association you found most interesting? WorldatWork - The Professional Association for Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards - 2. Is this professional association relevant to the type of occupation you are pursuing? I believe that WorldatWork is relevant to what type of occupation I am pursuing. The career I am  pursuing is Regional Manager of Wal-Mart, possibly higher. In becoming a Regional Manager I must  know will make the employees I am over happy to ensure a productive business. 3. What is the purpose of the professional association? WorldatWork enables organizations to reward employees in ways that satisfy and engage them, and  produce desired business results. Our Work    1. Knowledge: Equip individuals and organizations to more effectively attract, motivate and retain  employees; create, deliver and disseminate education, resources and information; publish articles and  books; conduct surveys and research    2. Professional Development: Conduct training classes, conferences and other events; certify  practitioners    3. Issues Leadership: Facilitate and drive thought leadership; engage in public policy activities 
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_MT203_Unit9_MiniAssignment -...

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