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There are fewer females going into math and science related college courses and because of this it makes it a very important problem of today. The reason this is an important issue is because everyday the percentage of female students going into these particular courses is dropping. Female students can be just as successful as male students in both math and science. The problem is the lack of support given to female students. In the reading is states “girls are less apt to receive the academic preparation necessary for college study in math and the physical sciences”. (Making Coeducation Work in Math & Science: The Administrator’s Role, Campbell Patricia B. 1994) There are several things that can be done to change this and stop this pattern of female students not pursuing the math and science related college courses. The support and encouragement can increase with female students who wish to take
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Unformatted text preview: academic route. The assigned reading stated that “changing the teacher is hard but changing the rules is not”. This is a very good point to make. There are teachers out there that is set in their teaching ways and changing what they do can prove to be quite difficult. Changing the rules isn’t as hard as it sounds. There might be some resistance at first but as soon as it is used a while it will be beneficial. The person/people responsible for this is the student and their drive to accomplish what they chose to go after. It is also the teachers’ responsibility to keep the negativity out of the classroom and show a good example to encourage the female students growth and give them more self confidence in pursuing their goals. My program will address the following issues of female students not feeling like they are able to pursue the math or science bases careers....
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_SS260_Unit5_Project - academic...

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