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Unit 6 1 UNIT 6: REGULATION AND DECENTRALIZATION-PROJECT Unit 6 Regulation and Decentralization - Project Katrina Manning Kaplan University
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Unit 6 2 My company was established in 1901. It is a general store. My stores name is Billy’s Barrel of Goods. The location of Billy’s Barrels of Goods is located in Eastland, TX and is a small business. There are only five hundred and ninety-six people that currently live in this small town and was discovered in 1896. Billy’s Barrel of Goods is ran by my husband Billy, and me when I can get away from the taking care of things around the house, our daughter was born just short of our twenty years anniversary of being open. We didn’t hire any help until we expanded in 1920 during the big oil boom. Our daughter grew up around the store learning and helping when she was able. The store was built from the ground up. The historical value of the U.S dollar in 1900-1920 was $11.38. In 1901, it only cost us a bank loan of $600.00. According to the consumer price index, the current value would be around
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_SS340_ - Unit 6 UNIT 6:...

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